Monday, July 12, 2010

First Blog Post!! YA

So, I decided to make my own blog because apparently when Ian said that I could use his, he simply meant that he would allow me to post things on there.....BORING. So, even though I have no idea what I'm doing with all this blogging nonsense, I will do my best :)My biggest problem with having a blog was that I didn't think that anyone would want to read it, but since I have all these sista's that blog now and want me in on the action, I'm hoping that's less likely.

This afternoon I went to Rebekah's to help her hang her sexy tree paintings and I told her about my day. She told me I should blog about it :) Once again, I'm new at all this, so humor me if I sound dumb....or evil.

Today was my first day on a new job that I had found on craigslist. I only decided to go for this job in the first place because the schedule was ideal (mon-fri 10-2..easy). So I basically had no idea what I had signed up for, but i figured, whatever, its only a few hours.

There is a hotel that I had never heard of and most people have never heard of called "Spokane House" near the airport. Inside this hotel is a restaurant, where apparently, I was going to be making zillions of sandwiches that nobody had to pay for. Travis (middle-aged black man with sass, big butt, bigger heart) instructed me on what to do and then left pick up his boyfriend ( ope :S didn't expect that), I started making sandwich, after sandwich, after sandwich, and some lady (the owner or whatever, she's indian so I could barely understand her) kept telling me "more meat! more meat! That's what they're going to remember!" These sandwiches were disgusting. Also as I'm making sandwiches, some weird guy that works there (with nothing going for him but that job) was telling me how sandwich making is such an art and the unfortunate thing is that at random times I'm going to realize that I smell like sandwiches and it won't go away. Gross. When he found out I went to Eastern he said to me "Oh our whole staff before this went to Eastern, they all got fired."

April, the other girl that had the same new job that I do, tells me how she had worked there before under a different owner and when she got hired on, it was with a group of 40 people because the restaurant was supposed to be a huge hit...but within a few months she was the only one left.

Once I was finished making all of these sandwiches, I was supposed to go on a route that was made for me, to different businesses. I was supposed to deliver these sandwiches, free of charge, and inform the companies that Spokane House is now doing lunch orders. Well, unfortunately for Spokane House I was horrible at following the driving directions they had given me.

While in my car, I had already decided that I was not returning to this job tomorrow. I tried it, not gonna work for me. I had already talked to Ian and made sure he wasn't opposed to me quitting after my first day and I had already talked to my old boss to make sure that Claire's still wants me back.

I still feel guilty about how I handled the fact that I could only find 3 out of the 11 places I was given directions to, and I still feel guilty for laughing about it....but....

My solution was to make my own route to whatever businesses I wanted to deliver sandwiches to. This, however, was after I had already drove around for quite some time trying to find the right places.....SO at 2 o clock, despite the fact that I still had twelve bags of sandwiches and popcorn in my trunk, I decided to call it quits. So, I made my way back to Spokane House and when I got there I told Travis that I was done with my route and had to hurry home because my husband had locked his keys in the car and I had the spare (Sometimes if I'm telling one lie, I tell a few more right after, to get it all out of my system). Then I sent Travis an email saying that, that job wasn't going to work out for me and I was sorry for the inconvenience.

Well, tomorrow Travis will call the companies that I supposedly delivered sandwiches to, and when he asks if they want to order anything from the restaurant, they will have no idea what he is talking about. But maybe, just maybe, he'll get a call from a random clinic that got free sandwiches today.